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Click here to read the reviews.

Welcome to the website of Montesh Trading Company,LLC, home of the Clipster®, the first product specially designed to provide efficient storage for both binder clips and paper clips.  The Clipster’s design stores binder clips of all sizes with handles up, easy to grab, ready to use.

It eliminates clutter by giving binder clips a home.  No more binder clips or paper clips scattered all over your desk or work area.  And the Clipster stores all sizes of binder clips so you can always choose the size you need.

Handles Up, Easy to Grab,
Ready to Use.

Flexible enough
for ease of use.

The Clipster Stores
All Sizes of Binder Clips.

The Clipster is perfect for every busy office or work space, keeping clips organized and ready to use.  Its sturdy design allows you to easily transport binder clips and paper clips to wherever you are working, so you can stay organized anywhere you want to work.

Made of tough thermoplastic polyurethane, the Clipster is strong enough to hold multiple layers of binder clips, or even to use as a foundation for binder clip sculptures. Yet the Clipster is still flexible enough to make it easy to store clips.

So take a look through our pages.  Our order page allows you to order through the secure systems of’s  or eBay, or you can contact us directly to order.  Our contact page contains not only our contact information, but also a contact form so you can let us know what you think and share your ideas.  We always value your thoughts and love to hear from you.

Sturdy construction.

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