Grab the perfect clip with no fumbling

The Clipster® is designed not only to efficiently store binder clips (and paper clips), but also to make binder clips easier to use than ever before.

Binder clips generally come packaged in a box with their “handles” in the “down” position. Often users will just leave them in their box and throw the box in a drawer.  But you can’t use a binder clip with the handles down.  You have to flip the handles “up” before you can open the clip to clasp it to a document.

Binder clips usually come packaged with their handles in the “down” position.

You need handles “up” – like this!

So before the Clipster, the best storage position for binder clips was the opposite of the best position for using them.  That leads to the moment you have several pages or documents in your hands that are too large for a paper clip.  Holding the pages in one hand, you use your free hand to search your desktop and dig through drawers looking for a binder clip.  When you find one, chances are its handles are “down” (and you probably had to settle for a clip that was larger than the one you wanted).  You start the one-handled fumble, trying to slip a finger between the handles to flip them up, then reposition to get a grip.  Exasperated, you put down the pages, use both hands to flip the handles up, then you try to balance the clip on its “nose” so you can let go of it with the handles pointing up (maybe successful, maybe not).  With the clip finally sitting nearby ready to use, you straighten the pages, hold the pages with one hand, grab the clip by its upright handles, and finally clip it to the pages.

Handles up, pointing up,
ready to use!

The Clipster eliminates the fumbling.  First, it gives binder clips a home.  Whether you keep the Clipster on your desk or in a drawer, you always know where to find a binder clip.  Second, it stores binder clips in the best position for using them.  Not only are the handles in the “up” position, but they are also pointing up, ready to grab and use. Third, the Clipster allows you to store all sizes of binder clips, so you always can choose the exact size of binder clip that you want.

With the Clipster, you straighten your pages, grab the perfect clip, clip it on, and you’re done.  No searching, no fumbling, and no more clutter.

Save money by saving clips

And the Clipster can save you money.  How many times have you had a document in your hand that you are about to throw away, and you realize that the document has a binder clip on it?  You consider taking the binder clip off and saving it, but your desk is already cluttered with documents and other stuff and binder clips don’t cost that much and you don’t really have a place to put it, so you pretend you didn’t see it and you toss the document and the clip in the trash.

But with the Clipster, you know exactly where you can store any binder clip. Before you throw the document away, you flip up the handles on the binder clip, take it off the document, and clip it on the Clipster.  It’s easy.  It keeps your Clipster loaded with ready-to-use binder clips of various sizes.  And it makes it far more likely that you will save binder clips (and paper clips, too).

Don’t throw that clip away – put it on the Clipster!



The Clipster comes with a 30-day replacement warranty for any defects.  Just follow the warranty process on Amazon.com, or contact us and we’ll send you a new one.

So order your Clipster today. Better yet, get one for your home and one for your office. And the Clipster makes a great gift!

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